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The lucrative oil and gas business can be daunting at times, but luckily our specialized technical teams can create the perfect applications to meet the challenges our customers face in this industry.

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Oil and Gas

Connell Brothers distributes specialty chemicals and ingredients to the oil and gas industry from prominent global manufacturers known for quality and performance.

The Oil and Gas business unit is staffed by experienced regional teams across Asia-Pacific with detailed knowledge of oil and gas chemistry. Connell Brothers is able to coordinate this team working in conjunction with headquarters located in Houston through our North America Oil and Gas team. Connell Brothers is able to apply this know-how to distribute specialty chemicals and ingredients at exacting specifications tailored to local needs. A small sample of these include: rheology and fluid-loss prevention additives for water based and synthetic drilling fluids, lubrication aids, cement modifiers, emulsifiers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, defoamers and demulsifiers for a variety of oil and gas applications, and others.

The combination of our large customer base throughout Asia Pacific and global supplier network allows us to match manufacturers with end customers for a variety of specialty chemicals and ingredients used in the oil and gas industry. Connell Brothers offers the technical expertise and knowledgeable sales representatives to recommend and provide the precise specialty chemicals and ingredients necessary to create mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships.

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