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We aim to raise the standards of providing quality, safe food ingredients for our customers.

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​Food & Nutrition

With over one hundred years of continuous operation, Connell Brothers has become one of the leading distributors of specialty food ingredients and nutraceuticals, with brand names that are synonymous with high-quality and safety.

The Food & Nutrition business unit includes laboratories in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Australia. Our experienced food technologists include a team of experts with practical knowledge of food ingredient and nutraceutical applications that enhance and speed product development for our regional customers. Among the many specialty ingredients Connell Brothers distributes are acidulants, natural antimicrobials, enzymes, fibers, flavors, hydrocolloids, modified starches, natural colors, vitamin premixes, spice oleoresins, seasonings and an array of other essential ingredients.

Connell Brothers partners with global suppliers to provide our customers with an abundant variety of specialty food ingredients and nutraceuticals to serve their needs in confections, baked goods, beverages, dairy, dietary supplements & nutrition, and other areas of the food processing industry. We have built, and continue to build, lasting business relationships with suppliers around the world and our local customers on the ground in Asia.

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