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We represent well-known suppliers in the construction industry and we work closely with them to help our customers through the challenges they face in their building and construction needs.

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Connell Brothers is a highly regarded distributor across Asia-Pacific known for quality and performance in specialty chemicals and materials used for the construction industry.

The Construction business unit benefits from well-trained staff with extensive knowledge in the marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals and materials designed for construction and building purposes. Connell Brothers is pleased to source from suppliers worldwide in order to provide our customers in the construction industry with specialty chemicals and materials for waterproofing, water repellants, industrial flooring, ceramics such as resins, glass enamel, as well as specialty chemicals used in roofing tiles and planters, among many other ingredients.

Connell Brothers takes pride in serving both a large customer base throughout Asia Pacific and a global supplier network. This allows us to create mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships for both manufacturers and customers. We are able to provide the technical expertise, facilities, and qualified sales representatives to recommend and supply the precise specialty chemicals and materials necessary for almost any construction or building application.

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